Pepper and Salt cover

Pepper and Salt

Howard Pyle (1853-1911)

1. Preface
2. The Skillful Huntsman
3. Two Opinions
4. Song of Ye Foolish old Woman
5. A Newspaper Puff
6. Claus and His Wonderful Staff
7. Three Fortunes
8. Venturesome Boldness
9. Superficial Culture
10. How Dame Margery Twist Saw More Than Was Good For Her
11. Song of Ye Gossips
12. A Victim to Science
13. Play and Earnest
14. Clever Peter and the Two Bottles
15. Accident of Birth
16. Romantic Adventures of Three Tailors
17. Fancy and Fact
18. Hans Hecklemann's Luck
19. Two Wishes
20. Verse With a Moral But No Name
21. Song of Ye Rajah and Ye Fly
22. Farmer Griggs's Boggart
23. Pride in Distress
24. Profession and Practice
25. A Tale of a Tub
26. The Bird in the Linden Tree
27. Story of a Blue China Plate
28. Moral Blindness
29. Overconfidence
30. The Apple of Contentment
31. The Force of Need
32. A Disappointment
33. One Innocent Lamb and Four Wicked Wolves

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One must have a little pinch of seasoning in this dull, heavy life of ours; one should never look to have all the troubles, the labors, and the cares, with never a whit of innocent jollity and mirth. Yes, one must smile now and then, if for nothing else than to lift the corners of the lips in laughter that are only too often dragged down in sorrow. … Yet listen! One must not look to have nothing but pepper and salt in this life of ours—no, indeed! At that rate we would be worse off than we are now. I only mean that it is a good and pleasant thing to have something to lend the more solid part a little savor now and then! … Are you ready? Very well; then I will tell you a story.