Peggy Raymond's Way (or Blossom Time At Friendly Terrace) cover

Peggy Raymond's Way (or Blossom Time At Friendly Terrace)

Harriet Lummis Smith

1. Chapter One: What's In A Name?
2. Chapter Two: A Telephone Party
3. Chapter Three: A Triumph of Art
4. Chapter Four: An Afternoon Call
5. Chapter Five: The Rummage Sale
6. Chapter Six: Priscilla Has A Secret
7. Chapter Seven: The Friendly Terrace Orphanage
8. Chapter Eight: The Longest Week On Record
9. Chapter Nine: The Most Wonderful Thing In The World
10. Chapter Ten: Mistress And Maid
11. Chapter Eleven: Quite Informal
12. Chapter Twelve: Good-By
13. Chapter Thirteen: Peggy Gives A Dinner Party
14. Chapter Fourteen: At The Foot-Ball Game
15. Chapter Fifteen: The Cure
16. Chapter Sixteen: Deliverance
17. Chapter Seventeen: Peggy Comes To A Decision
18. Chapter Eighteen: A Partial Eclipse
19. Chapter Nineteen: The End of School Life
20. Chapter Twenty: A Surprise
21. Chapter Twenty-One: A Missing Bride
22. Chapter Twenty-Two: A July Wedding

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In this fifth and (as far as is known) final volume of Peggy Raymond and her Friendly Terrace entourage, we find the Girls winding down from the Great War, and pursuing more domestic and mischievous pursuits. Finishing up college and preparing for Peggy and Grahame's wedding, Ruth, Amy and Priscilla look toward their own opportunities of future relationships and potential marriages. As Harriet Lummis Smith is so good at, it is a neat blend of continuity toward the known characters and charming introductions of the new.