Peggy Raymond's School Days (or Old Girls And New) cover

Peggy Raymond's School Days (or Old Girls And New)

Harriet Lummis Smith

1. Chapter One: School Opens
2. Chapter Two: Thirty Minutes For Refreshments
3. Chapter Three: Blue Monday
4. Chapter Four: The School Board In Disgrace
5. Chapter Five: An Extension of Thanksgiving
6. Chapter Six: 'Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot'
7. Chapter Seven: A Mysterious Disappearance
8. Chapter Eight: Many Cooks
9. Chapter Nine: Jack-At-A-Pinch
10. Chapter Ten: Amy In A New Rôle
11. Chapter Eleven: Mrs. Raymond's 'At Home'
12. Chapter Twelve: Getting Even
13. Chapter Thirteen: The Whole Truth
14. Chapter Fourteen: Enter St. Valentine
15. Chapter Fifteen: A Dinner-Party
16. Chapter Sixteen: Victoria In Trouble
17. Chapter Seventeen: Dido Complicates The Case
18. Chapter Eighteen: A Headache Cure
19. Chapter Nineteen: An Advertising Scheme
20. Chapter Twenty: Commencement

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    Published in 1916, this third installment with The Friendly Terrace girls places them in The Girl’s High School, with an array of new characters, and a few peripherally known from the first book. A heavier edge of drama comes through via a new student with a superiority complex, another student whose diligent scholastic achievements mar her socially, and an odd tradition of affectionate favouritism between Freshman and Seniors which proves to be awkward and disruptive to more than just the students. Peggy, Amy, Priscilla and Ruth are again faced with new challenges, and complicated scenarios to help resolve.