Pearls cover


William John Dakin (1883-1950)

1. Preface
2. The History of Pearls
3. Where Pearls are Found
4. The Anatomy of the Pearl Oyster and the Structure of the Shell
5. The Life History of the Pearl Oyster, and the Conditions Under Which It Lives
6. Pearls
7. A Ceylon Pearl Fishery
8. Pearl Fisheries of Other Lands
9. The Origin of Pearls
10. Pearls in Jewellery and Trade, Odd Facts
11. The Pearl Oyster, The Trader, and the Scientist

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"The use of pearls as jewels and their recognition as objects of value date back into the far beyond when the histories of ancient peoples were transcribed upon papyrus. It is very likely that pearls were amongst the earliest gems known to man, and this is not surprising when one considers that the earliest dwellers by the sea probably fed upon the shellfish which produce such objects." This book was written by an Australian zoologist with a view to giving the average reader a summary of the most important facts about pearls, pearl fishing and pearl formation. (from "Pearls")