Pan-American Poems: an anthology cover

Pan-American Poems: an anthology


1. Preface, by Agnes Blake Poor
2. The Pansy, by Esteban Echeverria
3. To ---, by José Rivera Indarte
4. To Rosas (extracts), by José Mármol
5. May 25th 1849, by José Mármol
6. In an Album, by José Mármol
7. Bubbles, by Pedro J. Naón
8. The Fugitive, by Pedro J. Naón
9. Peace, by Florencio Varela
10. The 25th of May, 1839 (extracts), by Juan Cruz Varela
11. Impressions at the Foot of Illimani, by Mariano Ramallo
12. Marabá, by Gonçalves Dias
13. To Liberty (extract), by Francisco Manuel
14. Theresa, by Bruno Seabra
15. Folk-Song (Merendim or Mulondim) of the Brazilian Gypsies
16. Love, by Hermógenes Irisarri
17. After the Duel, by Santiago Escuti Orrego
18. Yesterday and Today, by Narciso Tondreau
19. The Guaili, by M. M. Madiedo
20. To Washington, by Gertrudis Gomes de Avellaneda
21. The Hurricane, by José Maria Heredia
22. To General Flores, Conqueror of Miñarica, José Joaquin de Olmedo
23. To Ch---, by Augustín F. Cuenca
24. The Murmur from the Stable, by Rubén Darío
25. Sonatina, by Rubén Darío
26. Homage to Darío, by Arthur Giminez Pastor
27. Sighs, by Ethelberto Zegarra Ballón
28. To Edison, by Domingo de Vivero
29. The Three Epochs, by Diego Maisias y Calle
30. The Setting Sun, by José de Diego
31. The African Mother, by Francisco Acuña de Figueroa
32. Thou and I, by Juan Zorrilla de San Martín
33. Does She Not Feel?, by Juan Zorrilla de San Martín
34. A Remembrance of Puerto Cabello - The Mangle, by D.A.Lozano

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    In this anthology, Agnes Blake Poor introduces to the American public a collection of Latin American poets in translation. The poems are organized by country of origin, and present a variety of subjects and meters, aptly translated into English verse by Agnes Poor herself.