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#1 - Dedication, Foreword, and Glossary 1

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Download Dedication, Foreword, and Glossary 1 audio
Download Ch. 1 – From Mufti to Khaki; Ch. 2 – Blighty to Reat Billets audio
Download Ch. 3 – I Go to Church; Ch. 4 – Into the Trench audio
Download Ch. 5 – Mud, Rats, and Shells; Ch. 6 – Back of the Line audio
Download Ch. 7 – Rations; Ch. 8 – The Little Wooden Cross audio
Download Ch. 9 – Suicide Annex; Ch. 10 – The Day’s Work audio
Download Ch. 11 – Over the Top; Ch. 12 – Bombing audio
Download Ch. 13 – My First Official Bath; Ch. 14 – Picks and Shovels audio
Download Ch. 15 – Listening Post; Ch. 16 – Battery D238 audio
Download Ch. 17 – Out in Front; Ch. 18 – Staged Under Fire 19 – On His Own audio
Download Ch. 20 – Chats With Fritz; Ch. 21 – About Turn audio
Download Ch. 22 – Punishments & Machine-gun Stunts; Ch. 23 – Gas Attacks & Spies audio
Download Ch. 24 – The Firing Squad audio
Download Ch. 25 – Preparing for the Big Push; Ch. 26 – All Quiet ? On the Western Front audio
Download Ch. 27 – Blighty audio

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Arthur Guy Empey was an American who responded to the sinking of the Lusitania by enlisting with the British Army to fight in France. His experiences in the trenches, including his ultimate wounding and convalescence, became this book. When published in 1917, it was a major hit and helped the recruiting effort when America entered the Great War.

If you've heard of the horror of trench warfare in WWI and want to see it from below dirt level, Empey offers it all here.

Also included is Empey's popular "Tommy's Dictionary of the Trenches" which humorously demystifies the slang used by the British soldier. (Summary by Mark F. Smith)

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