Our Little Hindu Cousin cover

Our Little Hindu Cousin

Blanche McManus (1870-1935)

1. 0 - Preface
2. 1 - Chola at Home
3. 2 - A Day in the Bazaar
4. 3 - The Children's Holiday
5. 4 - The Children Travel in the Big Ox-wagon
6. 5 - The Children See Benares and Go Home for a Wedding
7. 6 - The Little Sahib Sees the Big Elephants
8. 7 - Chola Goes on a Tiger Hunt

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    This book is one of a series that aims at describing other cultures to children in an entertaining way that honors the culture, educates the child and keeps their minds open to the possibility of other people living wonderful lives in far off places. "Our little cousins of Hindustan are charming little people, even though their manners and customs and their religion are so very different from our own. India is a big country, and there are many different races of people living within its borders, the two principal ones being the Mohammedans and the Hindus. The Mohammedans number about sixty millions and there are about a hundred and eighty millions of Hindus, who are by far the superior race. The intelligence of the Hindus is of a very high order, but, like all Eastern races, they have many superstitions. Their attention to their food and drink and personal cleanliness is remarkable, and, though their customs in this respect are peculiar, they follow a healthful and sanitary manner of living which might well be practised by Western folk."