Our Little Austrian Cousin cover

Our Little Austrian Cousin

Florence E. Mendel

1. Preface
2. A Visit to Old Vienna
3. Der Stock Im Eisen
4. The Farm in Upper Austria
5. The Peasants' Dance
6. Some Tyrolese Legends
7. More Legends
8. A Night with the Senner
9. Through the Tyrolese Mountains
10. The Habicht-burg Ravens
11. Through Dalmatia and the Border-lands
12. Vienna

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    In this volume I have endeavored to give my young readers a clearer and a more intimate knowledge than is usually possessed of the vast territory known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is a collection of provinces united under one ruler, and which is, strange to say, the only country of importance in the world that has not a distinctive language of its own, since the various races—German, Slav, Magyar and others—each speak their own tongue. The book is chiefly devoted to Austria proper and Tyrol, but the other provinces, including Dalmatia and Bosnia, are not neglected.