Our Knowledge Box cover

Our Knowledge Box

George Blackie

1. Secrets of the Liquor Trade
2. Druggists' Department
3. Manufacturers' Department, Part A
4. Manufacturers' Department, Part B
5. Toilet, Perfumery, etc.
6. Fine Arts and Sciences
7. Face Paints and Hunters' & Trappers' Secrets
8. Farmers' Department, Recipes for Horses, and Confectioners' Department
9. Valuable Miscellaneous Receipts, Part A
10. Valuable Miscellaneous Receipts, Part B

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This practical guide to solving all sorts of problems includes secrets and discoveries covering the Liquor Trade, Druggists' Aids, Manufacturing Hints, Toiletries and Perfumeries, Hunting and Trapping, the Fine Arts and Sciences, Farming Techniques, Confectioners' Hints, and Valuable Miscellaneous Recipes for the Household and Every Day Requirements. (Introduction by Bill Boerst)