Our Island Story cover

Our Island Story

Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall (1867-1941)

1. 000 – Introduction
2. 001 – The Stories of Albion and Brutus
3. 002 – The Coming of the Romans
4. 003 – The Romans Come Again
5. 004 – How Caligula Conquered Britain
6. 005 – The Story of a Warrior Queen
7. 006 – The Last of the Romans
8. 007 – The Story of St. Alban
9. 008 – Vortigern and King Constans
10. 009 – The Coming of Hengist and Horsa
11. 010 – Hengist’s Treachery
12. 011 – How the Giant’s Dance was Brought to Britain
13. 012 – The Coming of Arthur
14. 013 – The Founding of the Round Table
15. 014 – Gregory and the Pretty Children
16. 015 – How King Alfred Learned to Read
17. 016 – King Alfred in the Cowherd’s Cottage
18. 017 – More About Alfred the Great
19. 018 – Ethelred the Unready
20. 019 – How Edmund Ironside Fought for the Crown
21. 020 – Canute and the Waves
22. 021 – Edward the Confessor
23. 022 – Harold
24. 023 – The Battle of Stamford Bridge
25. 024 – The Battle of Hastings
26. 025 – William the Conqueror
27. 026 – Death of the King
28. 027 – William the Red
29. 028 – The Story of the White Ship
30. 029 – The Story of King Stephan
31. 030 – Gilbert and Rohesia
32. 031 – Thomas a Becket
33. 032 – Conquest of Ireland
34. 033 – Richard Couer de Lion
35. 034 – How Blondel Found the King
36. 035 – Prince Arthur
37. 036 – The Great Charter
38. 037 – Hubert de Burgh
39. 038 – Simon de Montfort
40. 039 – The Story of the Poisoned Dagger
41. 040 – The Little War of Chalons
42. 041 – The First Prince of Wales
43. 042 – The Hammer of the Scots
44. 043 – Robert the Bruce and Bohun
45. 044 – The Battle of Bannockburn
46. 045 – The Battle of Sluys
47. 046 – The Battle of Crecy
48. 047 – The Siege of Calais
49. 048 – The Battle of Poitiers
50. 049 – Wat Tyler’s Rebellion
51. 050 – How King Richard II Lost his Throne
52. 051 – The Battle of Shrewsbury
53. 052 – How Prince Hal was Sent to Prison
54. 053 – The Battle of Agincourt
55. 054 – The Maid of Orleans

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Tailored specially to make history more palatable and interesting to children, Our Island Story, by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall, is a charmingly illustrated volume that promises hours of delight for parents as well as children. Beginning with the myths and legends about Albion, the author ensures that she captivates the child's imagination from the very first page. Unlike today's dry and non-committal history tomes that are prescribed in schools, Our Island Story is full of lyrical prose, literary allusions, heroic and tragic characters, the hunger for power and the glory of empire. There are strong elements of folklore, fairy tales, popular legends and a sense of the dramatic. It renders history full of the people who made Britain what it is today and gives modern readers a glimpse into what went into the creation of the once invincible British Empire. Our Island Story was first published in 1905. The period it covers begins with the Roman Occupation of Britain and ends with the Victorian Era. Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall utilizes a fascinating blend of fact and mythology to create a composite picture peopled by colorful characters, driven by ambition, honor, greed or lust to wield power over their fellow men. Wars and rebellions, assassinations and assignations, explorers and extremists, religion and romance are all wonderfully captured in this superbly constructed book. For young readers, Our Island Story presents what could be a mere succession of dry dates and titles in a memorable and engaging form. Older readers would find that the conversion of history into something that is vivid, dramatic and human makes them appreciate how present events have been shaped by the past. Our Island Story (originally titled Our Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls) was an instant best-seller when it first came out and has remained a popular choice for schools, libraries and individual readers. The author, Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall was a writer of children's books and nothing much is known about her personal life. Some critics have pointed out that there are many historical inaccuracies in her writings and she often relied on unorthodox sources for her information. However, it cannot be denied that her writing style is extremely attractive, easy and gives the reader that much needed push to further research, which is what every good book should do. Children as young as nine would be able to read this book on their own, while younger ones would enjoy a read aloud with parents.



This book is intriguing.It is educational and helpful. I love to listen to this book during my free time. I would definitely recommend it.


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Kara reads these books so well. A great way to learn English history. .


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Best history of England! This is very helpful to me. :)


I've read the first half of this book to my kids and my reading left a lot to be desired. I was so glad to find this book here. I saved it to my computer and then burned it to a CD. We now listen to it in the car and the kids LOVE it!!! Great job in every part of this book! I do hope you can/will do more!


It’s a great book and a great site.