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#1 - Introduction

Our Atomic World: The Story of Atomic Energy

Download The Atomic Theory Is Confirmed and Cathode Rays audio
Download Radioactive Atoms Discovered and Rutherford Finds the Atomic Nucleus audio
Download The Proton Is Recognized and Isotopes Are Discovered audio
Download The Alchemists' Dream Comes True and Some Particles Have No Electric Charge audio
Download Matter Is Energy; Energy Is Matter and Nuclei Contain Energy audio
Download The Fission Bomb Is Exploded and Nuclear Energy Is Needed for the Future audio
Download Fusion Has Potential audio
Download Isotopes Have Many Uses and Radioisotopes at Work audio
Download The Atomic Energy Commission and Toward an International Atom audio
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This booklet is part of the "Understanding the Atom Series" published by the Division of Technical Information of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. From an introduction of atomic theory by the ancient Greeks through the development of the fission bomb, the author covers such areas as the discovery of the nucleus, the discovery of isotopes, fission and fusion including a chronology of atomic theory to 1963, and the development of the Atomic Energy Commission. (Summary by Larry Wilson)

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