Orthodoxy cover


G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

1. 1 - Introduction in Defence of Everything Else
2. 2 - The Maniac
3. 3 - The Suicide of Thought
4. 4 - The Ethics of Elfland
5. 5 - The Flag of the World
6. 6 - The Paradoxes of Christianity
7. 7 - The Eternal Revolution
8. 8 - The Romance of Orthodoxy
9. 9 - Authority and the Adventurer

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Orthodoxy is a book that has become a classic of Christian apologetics. In the book's preface Chesterton states the purpose is to "attempt an explanation, not of whether the Christian faith can be believed, but of how he personally has come to believe it." In it, Chesterton presents an original view of the Christian religion. He sees it as the answer to natural human needs, the "answer to a riddle" in his own words, and not simply as an arbitrary truth received from somewhere outside the boundaries of human experience.


Stefani C.

Interesting and insightful. A very good reader.

A. A.

- Orthodoxy

This was a surprisingly entertaining listen! The reader is excellent--clear, inflective, and humorous. Chesterton has an engaging style that is at some point hilariously sarcastic and at others endearingly sincere. I recommend this book highly!