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One-Act Play Collection 011

1 - Chitra by Rabindranath Tagore


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Here are 10 one act plays offered by various groups of Librivox readers. From Ancient India to the Far Future, from the palaces of royalty to the servants hall, from comedy to tragedy, from deeply philosophical to farcically entertaining. Enjoy!

Chitra by Rabindranath Tagore (Coord and Edited by Anastasiia Solokha):
Narrator: Foon
Madana: Tomas Peter
Vasanta: alanmapstone
Chitra: Availle
Arjuna: ToddHW
Villagers: Sonia
The Vampire Cat by Gerard van Etten (Coord by Anastasiia Solokha, Edited by ToddHW):
Narrator: Ian King
Prince Hizen: Tomas Peter
Buzen: ToddHW
Ruiten: TJ Burns
Ito Soda: Chuck Williamson
Kashiku: Sonia
O Toyo: Availle
The Countess of Escarbagnas by Moliere (Coord and Edited by ToddHW):
Stage Directions: Sandra Schmit
The Count, son to the Countess: DrPGould
The Viscount, in love with Julia: ToddHW
Mr. Thibaudier, councillor, in love with the Countess: Tomas Peter
Mr. Harpin, receiver of taxes, also in love with the Countess: Nemo
Mr. Bobinet, tutor to the Count: Eva Davis
Jeannot, servant to Mr. Thibaudier: alanmapstone
Criquet, servant to the Countess: Jasmin Salma
The Countess of Escarbagnas: TJ Burns
Julia, in love with the Viscount: Leanne Yau
Andrée, maid to the Countess: Sonia
Playgoers by Arthur Wing Pinero (Coord and Edited by ToddHW):
Stage Directions: Tomas Peter
The Master: ToddHW
The Mistress: Sonia
The Cook: Linda Olsen Fitak
The Kitchenmaid: Jasmin Salma
The Parlourmaid: Son of the Exiles
The Housemaid: TJ Burns
The Useful Maid: Devorah Allen
The Odd Man: alanmapstone
The Far-Away Princess by Hermann Sudermann (Coord and Edited by Tomas Peter):
Narrator: ToddHW
The Princess von Geldern: Sandra Schmit
Baroness von Brook, her maid of honor: Sonia
Frau von Halldorf: Monika M. C.
Liddy, her daughter: Maria de Fátima da Silva
Milly, her daughter: Maria Joy
Fritz Strübel, a student: Tomas Peter
Frau Lindemann: TJ Burns
Rosa, a waitress: Foon
Food A Tragedy of the Future by William C. de Mille (Coord and Edited by Devorah Allen):
Narrator: DrPGould
Basil, a New Yorker: Chuck Williamson
Irene, his wife: TJ Burns
Harold, an officer of the Food Trust: Jim Gallagher
A Day Well Spent by John Oxenford (Coord and Edited by Zames Curran):
Narrator: Availle
Mr. Cotton (an eminent hosier, and old gentleman): ToddHW
Mizzle (his apprentice, wishing to be a gentleman): Devorah Allen
Bolt (his foreman, quite a gentleman): Tomas Peter
Mr. Cutaway (an adventurous gentleman): Zames Curran
Sam Newgate (no gentleman): alanmapstone
Peter Prig (an ex-foreman, likewise no gentleman): Campbell Schelp
Miss Harriet Cotton (an adventurous lady): Foon
Mrs. Stitchley (an old lady): Sonia
Miss Brown (her bosom friend—a middle-aged lady): TJ Burns
Mrs. Chargely (a beneficent lady): Maria de Fátima da Silva
Bridget (a lady’s lady): Pauline Latournerie
Waiter: Chuck Williamson
2nd Waiter: Joseph Tabler
Servant: Rosa Grace
Coachman: Nathan Victoriano
Boy: Jasmin Salma
Bridges by Clare Kummer (Coord and Edited by Chuck Williamson):
Stage Directions: Availle
Penfield Parker, Jr. (Of Parker and Son, Bridge Builders): Chuck Williamson
Wallie Breen (His friend, also in the office): DrPGould
Enid Birdsall (The girl who wants to have a bridge built): Carmen Fullmer
Efficiency by Perley Poore Sheehan/Robert H. [Hobart] Davis (Coord by DrPGould, Edited by ToddHW):
Narrator: Foon
The Emperor (modeled on Kaiser Wilhelm II): Chuck Williamson
The Scientist: Availle
Number 241: DrPGould
Biscuits and Bills by O.B. DuBois (Coord and Edited by Foon):
Narrator: Foon
Jack Maynard: Ryan Bassette
Mrs. Maynard: Maria de Fátima da Silva
Mr. Brainard: DrPGould

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