One-Act Play Collection 006 cover

One-Act Play Collection 006


1. The Falcon by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
2. The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll
3. Madame Butterfly by David Belasco
4. A Midsummer Dance Dream by Anna Bird Stewart
5. Night at the Inn by Lord Dunsany
6. Punch and Go by John Galsworthy
7. A Question of Sex by Arnold Bennett
8. The Sightless by Maurice Maeterlinck
9. Something to Vote For by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
10. Zenobia by Hereward Carrington

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This collection includes ten one-act plays by David Belasco, Arnold Bennett, Hereward Carrington, Lewis Carroll, Lord Dunsany, John Galsworthy, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Maurice Maeterlinck, Anna Bird Stewart, and Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The Book Coordinators for this collection were Charlotte Duckett, Michele Eaton, Elizabeth Klett, Loveday, Piotr Nater, Algy Pug, Eden Rea-Hedrick, Todd, and Chuck Williamson.