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#1 - 01 - Book I Chapters I-X (Text 1)

On the Ends of Good and Evil

Download 01 - Book I Chapters I-X (Text 1) audio
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Download 03 - Book II Chapters I-XI (Text 79) audio
Download 04 - Book II Chapters XII-XXII (Text 123) audio
Download 05 - Book II Chapters XXIII-XXXV (Text 165) audio
Download 06 - Book III Chapters I-X (Text 217) audio
Download 07 - Book III Chapters XI-XXII (Text 255) audio
Download 08 - Book IV Chapters I-XV (Text 301) audio
Download 09 - Book IV Chapters XVI-XXVIII (Text 347) audio
Download 10 - Book V Chapters I-XI (Text 391) audio
Download 11 - Book V Chapters XII-XX (Text 429) audio
Download 12 - Book V Chapters XXI-XXXII (Text 459) audio
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On the Ends of Good and Evil (Latin: DE FINIBUS BONORUM ET MALORUM) discusses Skeptic, Epicurean, Stoic, Peripatetic and Academic views on the good life. Written by Marcus Tullius Cicero. Translated by Harris Rackham. (Summary by Geoffrey Edwards)

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