On A Donkey's Hurricane Deck cover

On A Donkey's Hurricane Deck

Robert Pitcher Woodward (1866-)

1. Prologue
2. Madison Square to Yonkers
3. Donkey's Many Ailments
4. Polishing Shoes At Vassar
5. An Even Trade No Robbery
6. The Donkey On Skates
7. Mac Held For Ransom
8. I Mop The Hotel Floor
9. Footpads Fire Upon Us
10. In A Haymow Below Zero
11. An Asinine Snowball
12. One Bore Is Enough
13. At A Country Dance
14. A Peculiar, Cold Day
15. I Bargain For Eggs
16. Gypsy Girl Tells Fortune
17. All The Devils Are Here
18. Darkest Hour Before Dawn
19. Champagne Avenue, Chicago
20. Donk Causes A Sensation
21. A Donkey For Alderman
22. A Donkey Without A Father
23. Rat Trap And Donkey's Tail
24. Mac Crosses The Mississippi
25. Pod Hires A Valet
26. Done By A Horsetrader
27. Pod Under Arrest
28. Adventure In A Sleeping Bag
29. Mayor Rides Mac A'Rony
30. Across The Missouri In Wheelbarrow
31. Pod In Insane Asylum
32. Narrow Escape In Quicksand
33. At Buffalo Bill's Ranch
34. Fourth Of July In The Desert
35. Bitten By A Rattler
36. Havoc In A Cyclone
37. Two Pretty Dairy Maids
38. Donks Climb Pike's Peak
39. Sights In Cripple Creek
40. Baby Girl Named For Pod
41. Treed By A Silvertip Bear
42. Nearly Drowned In The Rockies
43. Donkey Shoots The Chutes
44. Paint Sign With Donk's Tail
45. Swim Two Rivers In Utah
46. Initiated To Mormon Faith
47. Typewriting On A Donkey
48. Pod kissed By Sweet Sixteen
49. Last Drop In The Canteen
50. How Donkey Pulls A Tooth
51. Encounter With Two Desperadoes
52. Donk, Boy And Dried Apples
53. Lost In Nevada Desert
54. A Frightful Ghost Dance
55. Across Sierras In Deep Snow
56. All Down A Toboggan Slide
57. 'Frisco At Last, We Win!
58. Epilogue

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" A Tempestous Voyage of Four Thousand and Ninety-Six Miles Across the American Continent on a Burro, in 340 Days and 2 Hours - starting without a dollar and earning my way." The journey could be accomplished in 5 days by train, but the author took close to a year to work his way across the country. This is a witty and amusing account of one man (and his donkey)'s adventures crossing the American continent from New York to San Francisco.