Old Wells Dug Out cover

Old Wells Dug Out

Thomas De Witt Talmage (1832-1902)

1. Preface and chapter 1 Old Wells Dug Out
2. chapter 2 Christ Every thing
3. chapter 3 The Kings Wagons
4. chapter 4 The Upper and Nether Springs
5. chapter 5 The "Ville du Havre"
6. chapter 6 Grace in Crystals
7. chapter 7 Gospel Archery
8. chapter 8 The Best We Have
9. chapter 9 Wasted Aroma
10. chapter 10 Things Not Burned Up
11. chapter 11 Wickedness on High Places
12. chapter 12 The fourth Anniversary
13. chapter 13 Migration Heavenward
14. chapter 14 The Laver of Looking-Glasses
15. chapter 15 Crumbs Under the Table
16. chapter 16 Ordered back to the Guard-Room
17. chapter 17 Free Churches Advocated
18. chapter 18 Objections to Free Churches Answered
19. chapter 19 Womans War Against the Bottle
20. chapter 20 The Proud Rider Unhorsed
21. chapter 21 The Christian Needle-Woman
22. chapter 22 Horace Greely Living and Dead
23. chapter 23 The Arrival of Autumn
24. chapter 24 Bleating Sheep and Lowing Oxen
25. chapter 25 Difficult Rowing
26. chapter 26 The Burning of the Brooklyn Tabernacle
27. chapter 27 The Brightest of Days
28. chapter 28 The World Going
29. chapter 29 Weapons Captured
30. Chapter 30 The Pile of Stones Speaking
31. chapter 31 Christ Our Song
32. chapter 32 The Well by the Gate
33. chapter 33 Cessation of Experiment

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Thomas DeWitt Talmage was born in Bound Brook, New Jersey. He earned an undergraduates degree at the University of the city of New York, now known as New York University. After his graduation he studied law, but ultimately decided on the ministry. He pastored a church in Philadelphia and spoke in many other places including England and New York. This book contains 33 of his sermons all of them well worth a read or listen! They are full of encouragement and thought provoking comments.