Nothing But the Truth cover

Nothing But the Truth

Frederic Stewart Isham (1866-1922)

1. The Temerity of Bob
2. A Try-out
3. An Inauspicious Beginning
4. A Chat on the Links
5. Trivialities
6. Dinner
7. Varying Vicissitudes
8. New Complications
9. Another Surprise
10. Into Bondage
11. Fishing
12. Just One Thing After Another
13. An Enforced Rest Cure
14. Mutiny
15. An Extraordinary Interview
16. Playing With Bob
17. A Good Deal of Gee-Gee
18. A Formidable Adversary
19. Bob Forgets Himself
20. Hand-Reading
21. Heart of Stone
22. A Real Benefactor
23. Making Good
24. At the Portals

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A young man, finding himself unexpectedly impecunious, attempts to improve his fortunes by wagering that he can speak nothing but the absolute truth for three weeks. He soon learns, however, that telling only the unvarnished truth can have surprising consequences. This 1914 novel of love, mystery, and misunderstandings, with amusing characters and plot twists, was adapted as a Broadway play in 1916, followed by six motion pictures: in 1920 and 1929; in 1931 separately in Spanish, French and German; and in 1941 starring Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard. Frederic S. Isham was a writer of short stories, novels and plays. (Lee Smalley)