North and South (version 3) cover

North and South (version 3)

Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865)

1. Ch 1 - Haste to the Wedding
2. Ch 2 - Roses and Thorns
3. Ch 3 - 'The More Haste the Worse Speed'
4. Ch 4 - Doubts and Difficulties
5. Ch 5 - Decision
6. Ch 6 - Farewell
7. Ch 7 - New Scenes and Faces
8. Ch 8 - Home Sickness
9. Ch 9 - Dressing for Tea
10. Ch 10 - Wrought Iron and Gold
11. Ch 11 - First Impressions
12. Ch 12 - Morning Calls
13. Ch 13 - A Soft Breeze in a Sultry Place
14. Ch 14 - The Mutiny
15. Ch 15 - Masters and Men
16. Ch 16 - The Shadow of Death
17. Ch 17 - What is a Strike?
18. Ch 18 - Likes and Dislikes
19. Ch 19 - Angel Visits
20. Ch 20 - Men and Gentlemen
21. Ch 21 - The Dark Night
22. Ch 22 - A Blow and Its Consequences
23. Ch 23 - Mistakes
24. Ch 24 - Mistakes Cleared Up
25. Ch 25 - Frederick
26. Ch 26 - Mother and Son
27. Ch 27 - Fruit-Piece
28. Ch 28 - Comfort in Sorrow
29. Ch 29 - A Day of Sunshine
30. Ch 30 - Home at Last
31. Ch 31 - 'Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?'
32. Ch 32 - Mischances
33. Ch 33 - Peace
34. Ch 34 - False and True
35. Ch 35 - Expiation
36. Ch 36 - Union Not Always Strength
37. Ch 37 - Looking South
38. Ch 38 - Promises Fulfilled
39. Ch 39 - Making Friends
40. Ch 40 - Out of Tune
41. Ch 41 - The Journey's End
42. Ch 42 - Alone! Alone!
43. Ch 43 - Margaret's Flittin'
44. Ch 44 - Ease Not Peace
45. Ch 45 - Not All a Dream
46. Ch 46 - Once and Now
47. Ch 47 - Something Wanting
48. Ch 48 - 'Ne'er To Be Found Again'
49. Ch 49 - Breathing Tranquillity
50. Ch 50 - Changes at Milton
51. Ch 51 - Meeting Again
52. Ch 52 - 'Pack Clouds Away'

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    North and South is set in the fictional industrial town of Milton in the North of England. Forced to leave her home in the tranquil rural south, Margaret Hale settles with her parents in Milton where she witnesses the brutal world wrought by the industrial revolution and employers and workers clashing in the first organized strikes. Sympathetic to the poor whose courage and tenacity she admires and among whom she makes friends, she clashes with John Thornton, a cotton mill manufacturer who belongs to the nouveaux riches and whose contemptuous attitude to workers Margaret despises.


    I can not listen to one of the narrators with the "southern accent". I am from the south and I still could not get through it. Everyone else was good just had to skip those chapters.

    LOVE the book, love the TV miniseries - however it was incredibly difficult to follow the chapters of the woman with the extremely southern accent. There are some wonderful readers in this series, but the few bad ones made it so disconnected.


    - North and South

    I highly recommend this book. it might seem quite wordy and hard to follow at first, but the more you listen, the more you learn to love her style of writing and get to know each character so much more. I would recommend listening to the version 3 though, because this one has several different voices for different chapters and some of the voices aren't very pleasant to listen to. but I enjoyed version 3 immensely.


    the book is legend but some of the narrators made my experience horrible. the lifeless narration throws ones sense of ease quite off.

    The reading of (version 3) is magnificent. MaryAnns is such a great performer.

    the voice of one of the narrators is just irritating.


    some chapters i had to skip because the voice of one of the readers, sadly irritated me to the point of not been able to keep on. its a shame for me... Still, i am sensible of the dedication given by those who made the audiobook possible. i hope i will have more chance with my next audiobook.

    Mila Kranz

    - North and South

    Wonderful book made very much alive by an excellent team of readers! Love it (except for some chapters like 19, 28, 29... when I sort of got thrown off the High horse of smooth narration :))


    As a non-native English speaker, the heavy US accent chapters were at times difficult for me to understand (and it made immersing into the story more difficult, considering that the story takes place in England. ) Some of the chapters had very poor sound quality and thus hard to listen to, so nicking another star for that. Still, thank you for the possibility of reading this book even with a busy schedule, it probably saved my grade.


    - North and South

    Love this book.....grateful for the readings, but some o the accents I did not care for. Particularly, the Southern accent. When you read this type of book I imagine the traditional English accent, throws it off a bit. But good overall.