No Surrender cover

No Surrender

Constance Elizabeth Maud (1857-1929)

1. Scene I: In the Black Country
2. Scene II: Brackenhill Hall
3. Scene III: Jenny's Call
4. Scene IV: In the Courtyard
5. Scene V: Before the Magistrate
6. Scene VI: Canterbury Tales
7. Scene VII: On a Trolly-Cart
8. Scene VIII: At the Week-End Cottage
9. Scene IX: In the Middleham Church
10. Scene X: The Dinner-Party, Part A
11. Scene X: The Dinner-Party, Part B
12. Scene XI: A Crushed Butterfly
13. Scene XII: Behind Prison Bars
14. Scene XIII: In the Punishment Cell
15. Scene XIV: Joe's Surrender
16. L'Envoie. The Passing of the Women

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Written from the midst of the struggle for female suffrage, Constance Elizabeth Maud’s novel No Surrender (1911) is a Call to Arms. It is a dramatic narrative portraying key players and historical events in the battle for the Vote for Women in Britain. Jenny Clegg is a Lancashire millgirl working long, hard hours under unhealthy conditions in order to support her mother and younger siblings, only to have her father take possession of her savings. In order to seek the rights to improved work conditions, equal pay, and many other human rights, she joins the movement of women seeking political representation. The perspectives of the genteel and working classes, men, as well as the Antis, are presented.