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#1 - Part 1: At Sea Book 1, Ch 1: The Forest Of La Saudraie


Download Part 1: At Sea Book 1, Ch 1: The Forest Of La Saudraie audio
Download Part 1 Book 2: The Corvette Claymore Ch 1: England and France United audio
Download 1/2/Ch 2:Night with the Ship and the Passenger audio
Download 1/2/3: Patrician and Plebeian United audio
Download 1/2/4: Tormentum Belli audio
Download 1/2/6: The Two Ends of the Scale audio
Download 1/2/7: He Who Sets Sail Invests in a Lottery audio
Download 1/2/9: Someone Escapes audio
Download 1/2/10: Does He Escape? audio
Download Pt 1 Book 3: Halmalo Ch 1: Speech Is Word audio
Download 1/3/2: A Peasant's Memory Is Worth As Much As The Captain's Science audio
Download Pt 1 Bk 4: Tellmarch Ch 1: On The Top Of The Dune audio
Download 1/4/2: Aures Habet Et Non Audiet audio
Download 1/4/3: The Usefulness of Big Letters audio
Download 1/4/4: The Caimand audio
Download 1/4/5: When He Awoke It Was Daylight audio
Download 1/4/6: The Vicissitudes of Civil War audio
Download 1/4/7: No Mercy, No Quarter audio
Download Part 2: Paris Bk 1: Cimourdain Ch 1: The Streets Of Paris At That Time audio
Download 2/1/3: A Corner Not Dipped Into The Styx audio
Download Pt 2 Bk 2: The Pot-House On The Rue De Panon Ch 1: Minos, Aeacus, and Rhadamanthus audio
Download 2/2/2: Magna Testantur Voce Per Umbras audio
Download 2/2/3: A Quivering of the Inmost Fibres audio
Download Pt 2 Book 3: The Convention Ch 1: The Convention audio
Download 2/3/2 Marat In The Green-Room audio
Download Part 3: In The Vendée Bk 1: The Vendée Ch 1: The Forests audio
Download 3/1/3 Connivance of Men and Forests audio
Download 3/1/4 Their Life Underground audio
Download 3/1/5 Their Life In Warfare audio
Download 3/1/6 The Soul of the Earth Passes Into Man audio
Download 3/1/7 The Vendée has Ruined Brittany audio
Download Pt 3 Bk 2: The Three Children Ch 1: Plus Quam Civilia Bella audio
Download 3/2/3 Small Armies and Great Battles audio
Download 3/2/4 A Second Time audio
Download 3/2/5 A Drop of Cold Water audio
Download 3/2/6 A Healed Breast, but a Bleeding Heart audio
Download 3/2/7 The Two Poles of Truth audio
Download 3/2/9 A Provincial Bastille audio
Download 3/2/10 The Hostages audio
Download 3/2/11 Terrible as the Antique audio
Download 3/2/12 The Rescue Planned audio
Download 3/2/13 What The Marquis Is Doing audio
Download 3/2/14 What The Imânus Is Doing audio
Download Pt 3 Bk 3: The Massacre of St. Bartholomew Ch 1: The Massacre of St Bartholemew audio
Download Pt 3 Book 4: The Mother Ch 1: Death Passes audio
Download 3/4/2: Death Speaks audio
Download 3/4/3: Mutterings Among The Peasants audio
Download 3/4/5: Vox In Deserto audio
Download 3/4/6: The Situation audio
Download 3/4/7: Preliminaries audio
Download 3/4/8: The Speech and the Roar audio
Download 3/4/9: Titans Against Giants audio
Download 3/4/11: The Desperate audio
Download 3/4/12: The Deliverer audio
Download 3/4/13: The Executioner audio
Download 3/4/14: The Imânus Also Escapes audio
Download 3/4/15: Never Put A Watch And A Key In The Same Pocket audio
Download Part 3, Book 5: In Daemone Deus. Ch 1: Found, But Lost audio
Download 3/5/2: From The Door Of Stone To That Of Iron audio
Download 3/5/3: Where The Sleeping Children Wake audio
Download Part 3, Book 6: After Victory, Struggle Begins. Ch 1: Lantenac Taken audio
Download 3/6/2 Gauvain Meditating audio
Download 3/6/3 The Commander's Hood audio
Download Part 3, Book 7: Feudality and Revolution. Ch 1: The Ancestor audio
Download 3/7/2: The Court-Martial audio
Download 3/7/4: After Cimourdain The Judge, Cimourdain The Master audio
Download 3/7/5: The Dungeon audio
Download 3/7/6: Still The Sun Rises audio
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1793. The new revolutionary government of France is laboring mightily to end injustice and bring in an ideal new age of liberty, equality, and brotherhood, beginning by killing those obnoxious persons who don't appreciate their ideals. In Vendée a force of peasants, strongly supported by imperial England, is laboring mightily to overthrow the revolutionary government and restore Christianity, family, honor and decency, beginning by killing those obnoxious persons who fail to appreciate those noble phenomena. The exiled Marquis de Lantenac returns from England to lead the Vendéan revolt, to institute a take-no-prisoners policy, and to win a series of bloody victories.

Lantenac is opposed with some success by his great-nephew the Revolutionary officer Captain Gauvain. Gauvain's superiors in Paris admire his courage and tactical skill, but they disapprove of his belief that the principle of brotherhood requires him to show mercy to his enemies. They send their man Cimourdain, whose unyielding principles they trust, to make sure that Gauvain's reactionary mercies and his family loyalty are not causing him to betray the Republic--and to have Gauvain killed if that proves to be the case. They don't realize that Cimourdain, who was once a priest and Gauvain's tutor, loves Gauvain like a son--loves him, perhaps, as much as he once loved God and as he now loves the Revolution.

Meanwhile, the Breton peasant Michele Flechard, who has just lost her home and her husband in a war which she experiences an incomprehensible nightmare, is simply trying to keep her young children alive and get them to some place that won't collapse in blood and fire. Under the circumstances, this appears about as difficult as bringing about either version of the Just Kingdom.

Note: A listener interested in the story, and not in a long excursus on the architecture and the notable names of the French Revolution, could skip the very long Section 27, The Convention, without becoming confused or losing any of the plot. (Summary by Joanna Michal Hoyt)

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