Niels Klim's Journey Under the Ground cover

Niels Klim's Journey Under the Ground

Baron Ludvig Holberg (1684-1754)

1. 01 -Introduction and Apologetic Preface
2. 02 -Chapter I – The Author’s Descent to the Abyss
3. 03 -Chapter II – The Author’s Arrival at the Planet Nazar
4. 04 -Chapter III – Description of the Town Keba
5. 05 -Chapter IV – The Royal Court of Potu
6. 06 -Chapter V – The Kingdom of Potu and Its Inhabitants
7. 07 -Chapter VI – The Religion of the Potuans
8. 08 -Chapter VII – The Potuan Constitution
9. 09 – Chapter VIII – The Academies of Potu
10. 10 -Chapter IX – The Journey Around the Planet Nazar
11. 11 -Chapter X – The Voyage to the Firmament
12. 12 -Chapter XI – The Voyage to the Land-of-Wonders
13. 13 -Chapter XII – The Author’s Arrival in Quama
14. 14 -Chapter XIII – The Beginning of the Fifth Monarchy
15. 15 -Chapter XIV – The Author Becomes a Monarch Under The Ground
16. 16 -Chapter XV – A Sudden Change in the Fortunes of the Author
17. 17 -Chapter XVI – The Author’s Return to His Father-Land, and the End of the Fifth Monarchy

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Niels Klim’s Underground Travels, originally published in Latin as “Nicolai Klimii Iter Subterraneum” (1741) is a satirical science-fiction/fantasy novel written by Ludvig Holberg, a Norwegian-Danish dramatist, historian, and essayist, born in Bergen, Norway. It was his first and only novel. It describes a utopian society from an outsider’s point of view, and often pokes fun at diverse cultural and social topics such as moral, science, sexual equality, religion, governments, and philosophy.