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#1 - Dramatis Personae

New Chronicles of Rebecca (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

Download First Chronicle: Jack O'Lantern audio
Download Second Chronicle: Daughters of Zion audio
Download Third Chronicle: Rebecca's Thought Book audio
Download Fourth Chronicle: A Tragedy in Millinery audio
Download Fifth Chronicle: The Saving of the Colors audio
Download Sixth Chronicle: The State O' Maine Girl audio
Download Seventh Chronicle: The Little Prophet audio
Download Eighth Chronicle: Abner Simpson's New Leaf audio
Download Ninth Chronicle: The Green Isle audio
Download Tenth Chronicle: Rebecca's Reminiscences audio
Download Eleventh Chronicle: Abijah the Brave and the Fair Emmajane audio
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Journey back to the "brick house" for a further look into the life of young Rebecca Randall during her adventures and scrapes in the small town of Riverboro, Maine. A companion story to Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

Cast List:
Narrator: TJ Burns
Rebecca Randall: JayKitty76
Miranda Sawyer: Christine Lehman
Jane Sawyer: Laura Riley
Emma Jane Perkins: Jasmin Salma
Adam Ladd: Will the Ninja
Jeremiah Cobb: Greg Giordano
Sarah Cobb: Devorah Allen
Abijah Flagg: Alan Mapstone
Abner Simpson: Donald Gilmore

Additional characters voiced by ambsweet13, Andrew Gaunce, Andrew James, Arnaldo Machado, B L Newman, Bhavya, Brooke Favorat, Claire Butler, David Lawrence, David Purdy, Diego T., Donald Gilmore, Hanna Ponomarenko, Hannah Mary, Jenn Broda, Julian Pratley, Laura Riley, Lauren-Emma Blake, Lily, Mariah Martin Shein, Matthew Reece, Michele Eaton, Rosebud, Seaquill, TriciaG, and Twinkle

Audio edited by Bhavya, JayKitty76, Mark Nelson, and Michele Eaton

Additional proof-listening by Julian Pratley

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