New Adventures of Alice (version 2 Dramatic Reading) cover

New Adventures of Alice (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

John Rae (1882-1963)

1. Cast Credits
2. Chapter 0 Foreward & Dedication
3. Chapter 1 Found in the Attic
4. Chapter 2 Along Came a Snipe
5. Chapter 3 The Peevish Printer
6. Chapter 4 Fire!!
7. Chapter 5 Self-Steering Pens
8. Chapter 6 It's a Dangerous Place
9. Chapter 7 The Summersault Sally
10. Chapter 8 Buttermilk Channel
11. Chapter 9 Tub and Tunnel
12. Chapter 10 Iceberg
13. Chapter 11 The Skating Party
14. Chapter 12 Strange Growths and a Stupid Snail
15. Chapter 13 King Cole's Court
16. Chapter 14 Rehearsal of The Enchanted Cheese
17. Chapter 15 In the Studio and-

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After reading and re-reading the book many time as a boy and wishing that Lewis Carroll would have written another Alice In Wonderland Book, John Rae began imagining what that girl would have gotten up to if he had done so. Telling these stories to his children over the years, where they were enthusiastically received, he finally decided to share them with the world. And here they are! The New Adventures of Alice