Naval Occasions And Some Traits Of The Sailor-Man cover

Naval Occasions And Some Traits Of The Sailor-Man

Bartimeus (1886-1967)

1. Preface
2. "D. S. B." Duty Steam Boat
3. Captain's Defaulters
4. A Galley's Day
5. "Noel!"
6. The Argonauts
7. A Gunroom Smoking Circle
8. The Ship-Visitors
9. The Legion On The Wall
10. A Tithe Of Admiralty
11. The Chosen Four
12. A Committee Of Supply
13. That Which Remained
14. The Tizzy-Snatcher
15. "C/O G.P.O."
16. The "Look-see"
17. "Watch There, Watch"
18. "Farewell And Adieu"
19. The Seventh Day
20. The Parricide
21. The Night-Watches
22. A One-Gun Salute
23. Concerning The Sailor-Man
24. The Greater Love
25. "A Picturesque Ceremony"
26. Why The Gunner Went Ashore

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Twenty-six stories of pre-World War I British naval life in war and peace.