Myths and Legends of Alaska cover

Myths and Legends of Alaska

Katharine Berry Judson (1866-1929)

1. Preface
2. The Raven Myth (Eskimo)
3. The Flood (Tlingit)
4. The Origin of the Tides (Tsetsaut)
5. How the Rivers were Formed (Tlingit)
6. The Origin of Fire (Tlingit)
7. Duration of Winter (Tlingit)
8. Raven’s Feast (Tlingit)
9. Creation of the Porcupine (Tlingit)
10. How Raven Taught the Chilkats (Tlingit)
11. Raven’s Marriage (Eskimo)
12. Raven and the Seals (Tsimshian)
13. Raven and Pitch (Tsimshian)
14. Raven’s Dancing Blanket (Tsimshian)
15. Raven and the Gulls (Tsimshian)
16. The Land Otter (Tlingit)
17. Raven and Coot (Athapascan)
18. Raven and Marmot (Eskimo)
19. The Bringing of the Light by Raven (Eskimo)
20. Daylight on the Nass River (Tlingit)
21. The Naming of the Birds (Tlingit)
22. The Origin of the Winds (Tlingit)
23. Duration of Life (Tlingit)
24. Ghost Town (Tlingit)
25. How Raven Stole the Lake (Haida)
26. The Killer Whale (Haida)
27. Origin of the Chilkat Blanket (Tsimshian)
28. Origin of Land and People (Eskimo)
29. Creation of the World (Athapascan)
30. Origin of Mankind (Eskimo)
31. The First Woman (Eskimo)
32. The First Tears (Eskimo)
33. Origin of the Winds (Eskimo)
34. Origin of the Wind (Athapascan)
35. North Wind (Tlingit)
36. East Wind and North Wind (Tlingit)
37. Creation of the Killer Whale (Tlingit)
38. Future Life (Tlingit)
39. The Land of the Dead (Eskimo)
40. The Ghost Land (Tlingit)
41. The Sky Country (Tlingit)
42. The Lost Light (Eskimo)
43. The Chief in the Moon (Eskimo)
44. The Boy in the Moon (Eskimo)
45. The Boy in the Moon (Athapascan)
46. The Meteor(?) (Tsetsaut)
47. Sleep House (Tlingit)
48. Cradle Song (Koyukun)
49. Proverbs (Tsimshian)
50. How the Fox became Red (Athapascan)
51. Beaver and Porcupine (Tsimshian)
52. The Mark of the Marten (Athapascan)
53. The Wolves and the Deer (Tsimshian)
54. The Camp Robber (Athapascan)
55. The Circling of Cranes (Eskimo)
56. The Last of the Thunderbirds (Eskimo)
57. How the Kiksadi Clan Came to Sitka (Tlingit)
58. Origin of the Grizzly Bear Crest (Tlingit)
59. Origin of the Frog Crest (Tlingit)
60. Origin of the Beaver Crest (Tlingit)
61. Origin of the Killer Whale Crest (Tlingit)
62. The Discontented Grass Plant (Eskimo)
63. The Wind People (Koryak)
64. Tricks of the Fox (Koryak)

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Editor Katharine Berry Judson collates and presents a narrative history of Alaskan Myths. Originally gathered and recorded by government ethnologists, she paints an overall picture of Alaskan history as told by its many tribes. From the Eskimo to the Tlingit, from the Tsetsaut to the Haida, the origin of the still-wild state begins with the great Bird (often called "Raven") and branches out, through its legends, in wonderful and amazing directions.