Mystical City of God, Volume 1 cover

Mystical City of God, Volume 1

Venerable María de Jesús de Ágreda (1602-1665)

1. Introduction
2. Book I Chapter I
3. Book I Chapter II
4. Book I Chapter III
5. Book I Chapter IV
6. Book I Chapter V
7. Book I Chapter VI
8. Book I Chapter VII
9. Book I Chapter VIII
10. Book I Chapter IX
11. Book I Chapter X
12. Book I Chapter XI
13. Book I Chapter XII
14. Book I Chapter XIII
15. Book I Chapter XIV
16. Book I Chapter XV
17. Book I Chapter XVI
18. Book I Chapter XVII
19. Book I Chapter XVIII
20. Book I Chapter XIX
21. Book I Chapter XX
22. Book I Chapter XXI
23. Book I Chapter XXII
24. Book I Chapter XXIII
25. Book I Chapter XXIV
26. Book I Chapter XXV
27. Book II Chapter I
28. Book II Chapter II
29. Book II Chapter III
30. Book II Chapter IV
31. Book II Chapter V
32. Book II Chapter VI
33. Book II Chapter VII
34. Book II Chapter VIII
35. Book II Chapter IX
36. Book II Chapter X
37. Book II Chapter XI
38. Book II Chapter XII
39. Book II Chapter XIII
40. Book II Chapter XIV
41. Book II Chapter XV
42. Book II Chapter XVI
43. Book II Chapter XVII
44. Book II Chapter XVIII
45. Book II Chapter XIX
46. Book II Chapter XX
47. Book II Chapter XXI
48. Book II Chapter XXII
49. Book II Chapter XXIII
50. Book II Chapter XXIV

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The Mystical City of God is a book written in the 17th-century by the Franciscan nun, Venerable Mary of Jesus of Ágreda. According to María de Ágreda, the book was to a considerable extent dictated to her by the Blessed Virgin Mary and regarded the life of the Virgin Mary and the divine plan for creation and the salvation of souls. The work alternates between descriptions of the Trinity, the Virgin Mary's life, and the spiritual guidance she provides to the author, by whom her words were reproduced for the spiritual benefit and growth of the reader. The book describes at length the various virtues, and how the reader should live in order to see them reflected in their own life, with the Virgin Mary as their model for sanctity. The work has the Imprimatur of several Popes and Bishops and appeals primarily to those who believe in “private revelation” and the sanctity of Mary. Volume one deals with the Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. "The Sacramental Mysteries wrought by the Most High in the Queen of Heaven from the time of her Immaculate Conception until the Incarnation of the Word in her virginal womb, and how much merit she herself acquired through Divine Grace by profiting from the favors conferred upon her during those first fifteen years of her life."