The Mystery of the Yellow Room cover

The Mystery of the Yellow Room

Gaston Leroux (1868-1927)

1. 01 – In Which We Begin Not to Understand
2. 02 – In Which Joseph Rouletabille Appears for the First Time
3. 03 – “A Man Has Passed Like a Shadow Through the Blinds”
4. 04 – In the Bosom of Wild Nature
5. 05 – In Which Joseph Rouletabille Makes a Remark…
6. 06 – In the Heart of the Oak Grove
7. 07 – In Which Rouletabille Sets Out on an Expedition Under the Bed
8. 08 – The Examining Magistrate Questions
9. 09 – Reporter and Detective
10. 10 – “We Shall Have to Eat Red Meat–Now”
11. 11 – In Which Frederic Larsan Explains …
12. 12 – Frederic Larsan’s Cane
13. 13 – The Presbytery Has Lost Nothing of its Charm, Nor the Garden its Brightness
14. 14 – I Expect the Assassin This Evening
15. 15 – The Trap
16. 16 – Strange Phenomenon of the Dissociation of Matter
17. 17 – The Inexplicable Gallery
18. 18 – Rouletabille Has Drawn a Circle Between the Two Bumps on His Forehead
19. 19 – Rouletabille Invites Me to Breakfast…
20. 20 – An Act of Mademoiselle Stangerson
21. 21 – On the Watch
22. 22 – The Incredible Body
23. 23 – The Double Scent
24. 24 .- Rouletabille Knows the Two Halves of the Murderer
25. 25 – Rouletabille Goes on a Journey
26. 26 – In Which Joseph Rouletabille Is Awaited with Impatience
27. 27a – In Which Joseph Rouletabille Appears in All His Glory
28. 27b – In Which Joseph Rouletabille Appears in All His Glory
29. 28 – In Which It Is Proved That One Does Not Always Think Of Everything
30. 29 – The Mystery of Mademoiselle Stangerson

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One of the first locked room mysteries, The Mystery of the Yellow Room focuses on a supposedly impossible crime which has been committed within a locked room. The novel was initially published in the French periodical L’illustration, and was later published as a book in 1908. It is the first of a series of novels featuring the famous fictional reporter Joseph Rouletabille. The mystery begins when Joseph Rouletabille, a reporter and amateur sleuth is sent to investigate a crime scene at the Château du Glandier, home to renowned chemist Joseph Stangerson. In the focus of the crime is none other than professor Stangerson’s daughter Mathilde. She has been viciously attacked and almost killed in her room, or as the title suggests – the yellow room. What makes the crime so bewildering is the fact that it took place in a room locked from the inside with no apparent exit for the perpetrator. As Miss Stangerson is found alone lying on the floor, the assailant seems to have left significant clues behind, including a bloody mutton bone, a bloody handprint on the wall, and some old boots. Accompanied by his friend and lawyer Sainclair, Rouletabille gains access to the crime scene and interrogates some suspicious characters. The official detective assigned to the case is Frederick Larson, who becomes somewhat of a friendly rival to Rouletabille, and suspects Miss Stangerson’s fiancé Robert Darzac to be involved in the crime. As the mystery unfolds, the darkest secrets and twisted nature of the characters are slowly revealed. A novel portraying the many facets of deception, hazardous ambition and foul play, The Mystery of the Yellow Room sets the benchmark for detective fiction. Furthermore, readers are intellectually challenged to follow the many clues left behind, pushing them into the role of detective in hope of unraveling the mystery. Nevertheless, intriguing and nail biting to the very end, Leroux has effectively masterminded a perplexing mystery, widely celebrated to this very day.



- okay...

i dont really like this i like scary storys but its not that scary because of the Voice actors get better ones


a wonderful different style of action. other than daddy doyle style of building a crime scene in corner palace or mansion corner.

Craig Robinson

- waste of time

amateurish attempt, take a writing course for God's Sake...


- Fantastic

Highly recommenced. I loved it


- Some lethargic readers

Great book! But when chapter 8 started I almost fell asleep due to the completely dull reader. My goodness she had no inflection or energy!


- Good, but not great

I did enjoy The Mystery of the Yellow Room, but I found it odd that some of the readers had a strong accent. Not that I minded the accent, it was more the pronunciation of certain words. For instance, Yellow was pronounced Jello, and whenever the work "murderer" was said by one reader, it sounded like "mergerer." I enjoyed the story, just strange to figure out someone's pronunciation.


- The Mystery of the Yellow Room

One of the readers was really pity, but there was a really good reader there he has a nice voice. I could have listened to him all day. Too bad he did not read the whole story I would have listened to that every day is he read that story.


- Good but....

Really lovely little mystery with some amazing Readers but some really awful ones!! Like shoot yourself awful boring weak voices. The best reader Stewart Bell I think his name was, what a pity he didn't do the whole book I could have listened to him all day.


- The Mystery if the Yellow Room

A good story. And read by many good readers. Which is a pity, as having only one good reader do the whole story would have made it so much more pleasant to listen to.


yeh duniya yeh duniya pittal doll tu sone di...hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,.abbe thik se par ...