Multilingual Short Story Collection cover

Multilingual Short Story Collection


1. 嶗山道士
2. 匆匆
3. 歌聲
4. 古文觀止曹劌論戰
5. 蘭亭集序
6. 三字經
7. Danish – Pernille
8. French – La morte
9. French – Songe de Platon
10. German – Die Briefmarke auf der Feldpostkarte
11. Portuguese – Crônica dos burros
12. Portuguese – Quase ela deu o sim, mas…
13. Spanish – A La Deriva
14. Spanish – El abanico
15. Spanish – Memorias De Un Pavo

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Multilingual Short Story Collection, includeing 15 short works of fiction in languages other than English. This collection includes contributions in Cantonese, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.