Mr. Punch's Model Music-hall Songs & Dramas cover

Mr. Punch's Model Music-hall Songs & Dramas

F. Anstey (1856-1934)

1. Introduction
2. The Patriotic
3. The Topical-Political
4. A Democratic Ditty
5. The Idyllic
6. The Amatory Episode
7. The Chivalrous
8. The Frankly Canaille
9. The Dramatic Scena
10. The Duettists
11. Disinterested Passion
12. The Panygeric Patter
13. The Plaintively Pathetic
14. The Military Impersonator
15. The Little Crossing Sweeper
16. Joe, the Jam-Eater
17. The Man Trap
18. The Fatal Pin
19. Brunette and Blanchidine
20. Coming of Age
21. Reclaimed
22. Jack Parker
23. Under the Harrow
24. Tommy and His Sister Jane
25. The Rival Dolls
26. Conrad, or the Thumbsucker

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F. Anstey was the nom de plume of Thomas Anstey Guthrie, a Londoner who was trained for the bar but found success as a writer of humorous pieces for Punch and humorous novels. Mr. Punch's Model Music Hall is a collection of humorous pieces written for Punch, divided into songs and dramas. In his usual fashion, Mr. Anstey captured the tone of his times and then exaggerated whatever was already absurd to entertain and give pointed commentary at the same time.