Mostly Boys: Short Stories cover

Mostly Boys: Short Stories

Francis J. Finn (1859-1928)

1. The Wager of Gerald O'Rourke
2. The Pickerel Prince
3. The Last Shall Be first
4. A Young Hypocrite
5. Our Western Waits
6. The Legend on the Locket
7. Because He Loved Much
8. The Butt of the School
9. Freddie's Fishing Adventure
10. The Children of the Snow
11. Charlie's Victory
12. A Batch of Letters
13. A Very Unpopular Boy
14. My Strange Friend

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A collection of tales about real life boys in every walk of life. They are redolent of the breezy spirit of healthy, jovial boyhood, and permeated with the author’s best brand of humor. (The Publishers Trade List Annual 1917) The author, Francis J. Finn, S.J., was a Catholic priest who wrote a series of 27 popular Catholic novels for young people during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. His best known work is “Tom Playfair”.