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#1 - Preface and Introduction

More Australian Legendary Tales

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Download Gheeger Gheeger the Cold West Wind audio
Download Bralgah the Dancing Bird audio
Download Sturt's Desert Pea, The Blood Flower audio
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Download Gayardaree the Platypus audio
Download How Mungghee, or Mussels were brought to the Creeks audio
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Download Goolayyahlee the Pelican audio
Download Mungoongarlee the Igguana and Ouyouboolooey the Black Snake audio
Download Wayambeh the Turtle and Woggoon the Turkey audio
Download Where the Frost comes From audio
Download Burburr the Giant Brown and Yellow Snake audio
Download The Youayah Mayamah, or Stone Frogs audio
Download A Legend of the Flowers audio
Download The Frog Heralds of the Flood audio
Download Eerin, the Small Grey Owl audio
Download The Legend of Nar-oong-owie, the Sacred Island audio
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The present series of legends have all been collected by myself from the Blacks, as were the previous ones. But in this instance, I had much help given to me by friends, who either told or sent me scraps of legends they themselves had seen or heard. On receiving any such I immediately made inquiries amongst the Blacks, and I was often enabled to complete the scraps, gaining through their hints a whole legend.

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