Modern Russian Poetry: An Anthology cover

Modern Russian Poetry: An Anthology


1. Introduction
2. Alexander Pushkin: A Nereid - "Behold a Sower" - Three Springs - The Prophet - Verses Written During a Sleepless Night - Work - Madonna
3. Yevgeny Baratynsky: Prayer; Alexey Koltzov: An Old Man's Song; Mikhail Lermontov: The Angel - The Cup of Live - Gratitude - From "The Deamon," Part I, xv - Captive Knight
4. Fyodor Tyutchev: Twilight - "As Ocean's Stream" - Silentium - Autumn Evening - July 14, At Night - "Oh, Thou, My Wizard Soul"; Nikolai Nekrasov: "The Capitals Are Ricked with Thunder" - "My Poems!" - The Salt Song
5. Alexey K. Tolstoy: "My Little Almond Tree: - "A Well and the Cherry Trees Swaying:" - "Oh, the Ricks"; Apollon Maikov: Art - "Upon This Wild Headland" - Summer Rain; Afanasy Shenshin-Foeth: "Whispers, Timid Breathing: - The Aerial City - Swallows
6. Yakov Polonsky: The Cosmic Fabric - Sorrow's Madness; Vladimir Solovyov: "Below the Sultry Storm" - "With Wavering Feet"; N. Minsky: Force - My Temple; Dmitry Merezhkovsky: A Prayer - The Trumpet Call - The Curse of Love
7. Fyodor Solgub: The Amphora - The Dragon - "When, Heaving on the Stormy Waters" - "Austere the Music of My Songs" - The Devil's Swings; Zinaida Hippius: "I seek for Rhythmic Whisperings" - Psyche - Creation
8. Kinstantin Balmont: "With My Fancy I Grasped" - Centuries of Centuries Will Pass - In the White Land - Hymn to Fire
9. Valery Brusov: The Tryst - "Radiant Ranks of Seraphim" - Benediction - Inevitability - The Fierce Birds - Eventide - "Oh, Cover" - Saint Sebastian - The Coming Huns
10. Ivan Bunin: Russian Spring - A Song - The God of Noon - In an Empty House - Flax; Vyacheslav Ivanov: The Catch - Autumn - Fountain - The Seeking of Self - Complaint - Narcissus: A Pompeiian Bronze - Funeral - The Holy Rose - Nomads of Beauty
11. Yurgis Baltrushiatis: The Pendulum - The Surf; Maximillian Volshin: Cimmerian Twilight I-III - Sonnet XV (From the Sonnet-Cycle "Lunaria") - Stigmata; Mikhail Kuzmin: "Now Dry the Eyes" - "Night Was Done" - From Alexandrian Songs
12. Georgy Chulkov: "Purple Autumn"; Alexander Blok: "Into Crimson Dark" - The Unknown Woman - The Lady Unknown - "A Little Black Man" - Russia - "When Mountain-ash" - The Scythians - From "The Twelve" : 9
13. Andrey Bely: Messengers - Euthanasia - "You Sit on the Bed There"; Victor Hofman: "Still Was the Evening"; Vasily Bashkin: "Upon the Black Brow of a Cliff" ; Sergey Gorodetzky: Yarila - The Birch Tree; Anna Akhmatova: "Like a White Stone" - Confession - "Broad Gold, the Evening" - Prayer
14. Igor Severyanin: And It Passed by the Sea-Shore - A Russian Song - Spring Apple-Tree; Nikolai Kluyev: A Northern Poem - An Izba Song; Lubov Stolitza: A Lenten One
15. Sergei Yesenin: "Upon Green Hills" - Hopes Painted by the Autumn Cold" - "In the Clear Cold" - Transfiguration: III; Z. Shishova: "How Strange, Oh God"; Piotr Oreshin: Not by Hands Created
16. Anatoly Marienhof: "Savage, Nomad Hordes" - October

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    This volume...aims to present the lyrical poetry of Russian for the last hundred years by a selection of poems translated by the editors...The principle of selection was, so far as might be, aesthetic. Poems were chosen less for their representative quality than for their immediate worth, and of course, their ability to stand the test of translation. Represented authors are: Alexander Pushkin, Yevgeny Baratynsky, Alexey Koltzov, Mikhail Lermontov, Fyodor Tyuchev, Nikolai Nerasov, Alexy K. Tolstoy, Apollon Maikov, Afanasy Shenshin-Foeth, Yakov Polonsky, Vladimir Solovyov, N. Minsky, Dmitry Merezhanovsky, Fyodor Sologub, Zinaida Hippius, Konstantin Balmont, Valery Brusov, Ivan Bunin, Vyacheslav Ivanov, Yuris Balthrushaitis, Maximillian Voloshin, Mikhail Kuzmin, Georgy Chulkov, Alexander Blok, Andrey Bely, Vasily Bashkin, Sergey Gorodetzky, Anna Akhmatova, Igor Severyanin, Nikolai Kluyev, Lubov Stolitza, Sergei Yesenin, Z. Shishova, Piotr Oreshin, and Anatoly Marienhov.