Miss Grantley's Girls, and the Stories She Told Them cover

Miss Grantley's Girls, and the Stories She Told Them

Thomas Archer

1. 1 – Chapter I – Our Governess
2. 2 – Chapter II – The Silver Goblet Pt 1
3. 3 – Chapter II – The Silver Goblet Pt 2
4. 4 – Chapter III – A Baby’s Hand
5. 5 – Chapter IV – A Stranger from London
6. 6 – Chapter V – The Story of a Bookworm
7. 7 – Chapter VI – I Have Lived and Loved
8. 8 – Chapter VII – Miss Grantley’s Brother

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The author Thomas Archer lived 1830 – 1893; he wrote several juvenile stories, and this book: Miss Grantley’s Girls – And the Stories She Told Them, was published in 1886. It is a book in 7 chapters. Miss Grantley is a teacher and works as a governess, and she after some coaxing tells somewhat romantic stories to “her” girls. In the first chapter it says: “There was nothing romantic in Miss Grantley’s appearance, and yet she was the sort of person that you could not help looking at again and again if you once saw her. . . We found out too that she could tell stories of her own; and now and then we used to persuade her to ’spin a yarn,’ as Bella Dornton, whose father had been a naval officer, used to say. . . I don’t suppose that any of us will ever forget Miss Grantley’s pretty parlour.” So join the girls in the parlour and listen when Miss Grantley tells her stories.