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Miss Buzby's Boarders

1 - Act 1


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Who knows what might be going on in Miss Buzby's boarding house, where she accepts (shudder!) theatrical types? - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Jerome Townsend, a lover somewhat in the background: Tommy Hersant
Felix Marden, who is not afraid to come to the front: Adrian Stephens
Mr. Smith, a mysterious individual: ToddHW
Alexander Pettifer, a worm that finally turns: Alan Mapstone
Jimmie Spangler, a song and dance artist: David Purdy
Marguerite Marr, a star in vaudeville: JennPratt
Lillian Wendale, by the villian still pursued: ashleighjane
Pansy Purple, Jimmie's professional partner: Kelly S. Taylor
Amelia Buzby, from the country, who keeps boarders in the city: Availle
Mrs. Pettifer, with a mind of her own, and willing to speak it: TJ Burns
Florinda, who is generally on hand: Annie Mars
Stage Directions: Devorah Allen
Editing: ToddHW

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