Michael O'Halloran cover

Michael O'Halloran

Gene Stratton-Porter (1863-1924)

1. 01 Happy Home in Sunrise Alley
2. 02 Moccasins and Lady Slippers
3. 03 S.O.S
4. 04 Bearer of Morning
5. 05 Little Brother
6. 06 The Song of a Bird
7. 07 Peaches’ Preference in Blessings
8. 08 Big Brother
9. 09 James Jr. and Malcolm
10. 10 The Wheel of Life
11. 11 The Advent of Nancy and Peter
12. 12 Feminine Reasoning
13. 13 A Safe Proposition
14. 14 An Orphan’s Home
15. 15 A Particular Nix
16. 16 The Fingers in the Pie
17. 17 Initiations in an Ancient and Honourable Brotherhood
18. 18 Malcolm and the Hermit Thrush
19. 19 Establishing Protectorates
20. 20 Mickey’s Miracle

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The story of a plucky, optimistic newsboy, Michael O’Halloran, who has been orphaned from a young age and asks nothing of the world but to “Be Square!” This is a warm and joyous story of how Michael makes life sunnier for those around him, bringing joy to all who know him.


Debbie M

- Found in first six chapters

This story had the potential for receiving a higher rating, but I'm not sure, since I quit listening during the sixth chapter. The use of God's name as a slang word, or a means of presenting a strong verbal expression in the characters' dialogues was offensive to me. It took my attention off the story.