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Mary Marston

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Download 10 - The Heath and the Hut audio
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Download 13 - The Human Sacrifice audio
Download 14 - Ungenerous Benevolence audio
Download 15 - The Moonlight audio
Download 18 - Mary and Godfrey audio
Download 19 - Mary in the Shop audio
Download 20 - The Wedding Dress audio
Download 24 - Mrs. Redmain's Drawing-Room audio
Download 25 - Mary's Reception audio
Download 27 - Mr. and Mrs. Helmer audio
Download 28 - Mary and Letty audio
Download 29 - The Evening Star audio
Download 33 - The Invitation audio
Download 34 - A Stray Sound audio
Download 37 - Lydgate Street audio
Download 38 - Godfrey and Letty audio
Download 40 - Godfrey and Sepia audio
Download 43 - Mary and Mr. Redmain audio
Download 44 - Joseph Jasper audio
Download 47 - Another Change audio
Download 50 - William and Mary Marston audio
Download 53 - A Friend in Need audio
Download 54 - The Next Night audio
Download 55 - Disappearance audio
Download 56 - A Catastrophe audio
Download 57 - The End of the Beginning audio

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Written at the height of George MacDonald's literary career, the story centers around the life of a simple merchant's daughter. Mary Marston's unswerving commitment to love, God, and others is contrasted with a backdrop of an array of characters and a complex and sometimes mysterious plot. It is a story of a woman who loves a man, and teaches him to change. Not out of his love for her, but simply because it was the right thing to do. MacDonald allows the characters a range from delightful to devious. As such, they were intended to serve as models. His message is that all eventually must stand before God. (Summary text from Wikipedia)

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