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Marion de Lorme

1 - Act 1


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Marion de Lorme is a play about a famous French courtesan with the same name, known for her relationships with the important men of her time. (Kristingj)

Cast list:
Marion de Lorme: Kristin Gjerløw
Didier: KHand
Louis XIII: Ted Delorme
Marquis de Nangis: ToddHW
Marquis de Saverny: Beth Thomas
L'Angely: John Burlinson
M. de Laffemas: davidpr
Duke de Bellegarde: AnttiV
Marquis de Brichanteau: Joseph Tabler
Count de Gassé: Peter Tucker
Viscount de Bouchavannes: Jennifer Fournier
Chevalier de Rochebaron: ToddHW
Count de Villac: alanmapstone
Chevalier de Montpesat: Owen Cook
Duke de Beaupréau: alanmapstone
Viscount de Rohan: DrPGould
Abbé de Gondi: MaryAnn
Count de Charnacé: David Purdy
Scaramouche: Leanne Yau
Gracieux: Jennifer Fournier
Taillebras: AnttiV
Councilor: Jennifer Fournier
A Lackey: Lydia
A voice: Jessie Yun
An usher: Anna Simon
Captain of the district: David Purdy
Dame Rose: Melanie T
First Workman: Melanie T
Second Workman: ToddHW
Third Workman: AnttiV
Guard 1: MaryAnn
Guard 2: ToddHW
Guard 3: David Purdy
Halberdier: Jennifer Fournier
Musketeer: Leanne Yau
Registrar: Leanne Yau
The Jailor: Lydia
The Turnkey: Anna Simon
Town Crier: Leanne Yau
Narrator: Michele Eaton
Editing: linny.

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