Mari, Our Little Norwegian Cousin cover

Mari, Our Little Norwegian Cousin

Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade (1860-1936)

1. 00 - Preface
2. 01 - The Farm
3. 02 - Visitors
4. 03 - The Christening
5. 04 - The Lost Pin
6. 05 - The Birthday
7. 06 - The Wedding
8. 07 - Legends
9. 08 - The Lumber Camp
10. 09 - The Lapps
11. 10 - Holiday Frolics

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    "Long before Columbus discovered America, there were brave men in the north of Europe who dared to sail farther out upon the unknown waters of the Atlantic than any other people in the world. These daring seamen were called Vikings. Their home was the peninsula of Scandinavia, now ruled over by one king, although divided into two distinct countries, Norway and Sweden. Many of our Norwegian cousins have come to America to make a new home for themselves where the sun shines more warmly and the winds blow less keenly. Their fair-haired children are growing up amongst us, showing us the qualities their parents most admire. Be brave, be honest, be kind to all creatures, be faithful to every little duty,—these are the lessons they have been taught from babyhood, as well as their brothers and sisters who have not as yet ventured far from the land they love so well,—the land of rapid-flowing rivers, deep, dark bays, and narrow valleys.... Come with me to-day to the home of one of these blue-eyed cousins and join her for a while in her work and play."