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#1 - The design of the discourse.—The two texts of Scripture explained.

Man's Restoration by Grace

Download The design of the discourse.—The two texts of Scripture explained. audio
Download That there are three persons in the Godhead, who have undertaken distinct offices in the work of our salvation. audio
Download The common concurrence which the three persons have in other work besides our salvation; that, being one in essence, they join in the operation of all external works. audio
Download Of their distinct appearance in the work of mans salvation.—And that their several works bear the resemblance of their several personalities. audio
Download The reasons of the three persons making such a distinct discovery of themselves in this work of our salvation, rather than in any other. audio
Download The Uses.—See the great love of God, that all that is within him, all his attributes, and all his persons, should concern themselves in our salvation.— Since salvation is so great a work, in which the whole Deity is employed, let us not neglect it.—Let us think how welcome these three persons will make us at our arrival in heaven. audio
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A discourse of the several parts which the three persons of the Godhead bear in the accomplishment of our salvation, and that they have taken on them several works appropriate to them therein.—And the distribution of our salvation into three parts, according to the number of the three persons, and the part which each of them have taken therein, viz., the Father in election, the Son in redemption and justification, the Holy Ghost in sanctification and application. - Summary by Preface

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