Manchester Man cover

Manchester Man

Isabella Varley Banks (1821-1897)

1. Chapter I: The Flood
2. Chapter II: No One Knows
3. Chapter III: How the Rev. Joshua Brookes and Simon Clegg Interpreted a Shakesperian Text
4. Chapter IV: Mischief
5. Chapter V: Ellen Chadwick
6. Chapter VI: To Martial Music
7. Chapter VII: The Reverend Joshua Brookes
8. Chapter VIII: The Blue-Coat School
9. Chapter IX: The Snake
10. Chapter X: First Antagonism
11. Chapter XI: The Blue-Coat Boy
12. Chapter XII: The Gentleman
13. Chapter XIII: Simon's Pupil
14. Chapter XIV: Jabez Goes Out Into The World
15. Chapter XV: Apprenticeship
16. Chapter XVI: In War And Peace
17. Chapter XVII: In The Warehouse
18. Chapter XVIII: Easter Monday
19. Chapter XIX: Peterloo
20. Chapter XX: Action And Reaction
21. Chapter XXI: Wounded
22. Chapter XXII: Mr. Clegg
23. Chapter XXIII: In The Theatre Royal
24. Chapter XXIV: Madame Broadbent's Fan
25. Chapter XXV: Retrospective
26. Chapter XXVI: On The Portico Steps
27. Chapter XXVII: Manhood
28. Chapter XXVIII: Once In A Life
29. Chapter XXIX: On Ardwick Green Pond
30. Chapter XXX: Blind
31. Chapter XXXI: Coronation Day
32. Chapter XXXII: Evening: Indoors And Out
33. Chapter XXXIII: Clogs
34. Chapter XXXIV: Birds Of A Feather
35. Chapter XXXV: At Carr's Cottage
36. Chapter XXXVI: The Lovers' Walk
37. Chapter XXXVII: A Ride On A Rainy Night
38. Chapter XXXVIII: Defeated
39. Chapter XXXIX: Like Father, Like Son
40. Chapter XL: With All His Faults
41. Chapter XLI: Marriage
42. Chapter XLII: Blows
43. Chapter XLIII: Partnership
44. Chapter XLIV: Man And Beast
45. Chapter XLV: Wounds Inflicted And Endured
46. Chapter XLVI: The Mower With His Scythe
47. Chapter XLVII: The Last Act
48. Appendix 1 & 2
49. Final Appendix (Historical)

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Jabez Clegg, the Manchester man, floats into this historical novel in 1799, carried downstream by the River Irk in flood. Jabez's rise to commercial success mirrors the rise of the city at the heart of the industrial revolution. Mrs George Linnaeus Banks (nee Isabella Varley) weaves a web of historical fact and fiction in a fast-paced story built around the rivalry between the Jabez and his nemesis Laurence Aspinall, and the fate of Augusta Ashton, who is loved by both but loves only one. An entertaining fictional journey through the early 19th century history of the city of Manchester, the book also has serious points to make about women's choices and domestic violence.