Lucinda cover


Friedrich von Schlegel (1772-1829)

1. Introduction to Lucinda, by Calvin Thomas
2. Prologue/Confessions of an Awkward Man (Julius to Lucinda)
3. Dithyrambic Fantasy on the Loveliest of Situations
4. Sketch of Little Wilhelmina
5. An Idyl of Idleness
6. Constancy and Play
7. Metamorphoses
8. Two Letters: One
9. Two Letters: Two
10. A Reflection
11. Julius To Antonio
12. Longing and Peace
13. Dallyings Of The Fantasy

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    Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel was born in 1772 at Hannover, Holy Roman Empire, to Johann Adolf Schlegel and Johanna Christiane Erdmuthe Hübsch. He attended Jena University and made friends with many of the writers known by his brother August Wilhelm Schlegel. His first book was About the Diotima, written in 1795, and four years later he wrote Lucinda. The translator, Calvin Thomas, called Lucinda a "naughty book", but that was in 1914. I have no idea where it stands now in the world of literature. It was made up of many disconnected parts.