Love Insurance cover

Love Insurance

Earl Derr Biggers (1884-1933)

1. A Sporting Proposition
2. An Evening In The River
3. Journeys End In--Taxi Bills
4. Mr. Trimmer Limbers Up
5. Mr. Trimmer Throws His Bomb
6. Ten Minutes Of Agony
7. Chain Lightning's Collar
8. After The Trained Seals
9. "Wanted: Board And Room"
10. Two Birds Of Passage
11. Tears From The Gaiety
12. Exit A Lady, Laughingly
13. And On The Ships At Sea
14. Jersey City Interferes
15. A Bit Of A Blow
16. Who's Who In England
17. The Shortest Way Home
18. A Rotten Bad Fit
19. Mr. Minot Goes Through Fire
20. '
Please Kill'
21. High Words At High Noon
'Well, Hardly Ever'

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A young man came to Lloyds of London. He knew they took out policies on unusual risks... And what he wanted was love insurance. What follows is a comic novel, by the creator of the Chinese detective - Charlie Chan!