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#1 - Introduction

Loom and Spindle

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Download Ch 8.1. Brief Biographies of some of the Writers: Harriot F. Curtis, The Currier Sisters, Eliza Jane Cate, Betsey Chamberlain, Harriet Farley audio
Download Ch 8.2 Brief Biographies: Margaret F. Foley, Lydia .S Hall, Harriot Jane Hanson, Emmeline Larcom audio
Download Ch 8.3 Brief Biographies: Lucy Larcom audio
Download Ch 8.4 Brief Biographies: Sarah Shedd, Elizabeth Emerson Turner, Clementine Averill audio
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Harriet Robinson was a frequent contributor to the famous monthly periodical, "The Lowell Offering", which featured poetry, essays and fiction written between 1840-1845 by the young female textile workers (ages 15-35) known as Lowell Mill Girls, living in the innovative Lowell, Massachusetts textile mills communities. Articles published therein describe their living conditions, where they came from, how they felt about their jobs, challenges met, bosses, new experiences and education they received. Rev. A.C. Thomas who organized and edited the publication, found in these factory girls a good field for the application of his belief that women have the right and the ability to express their thoughts, both in speaking and in writing. In his own words, "...and thus was published ... the first magazine or journal written exclusively by women in all the world." Harriet continued writing for the rest of her life, including this book, largely in support of women's education, independence and suffrage. (Summary by ~ Michele Fry)

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