Lone Star Planet cover

Lone Star Planet

H. Beam Piper and John J. McGuire

1. 01 – Chapters 1-2
2. 02 – Chapters 3-4
3. 03 – Chapters 5-6
4. 04 – Chapters 7-8
5. 05 – Chapters 9-11

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New Texas: its citizens figure that name about says it all. The Solar League ambassador to the Lone Star Planet has the unenviable task of convincing New Texans that a s’Srauff attack is imminent, and dangerous. Unfortunately it’s common knowledge that the s’Srauff are evolved from canine ancestors—and not a Texan alive is about to be scared of a talking dog! But unless he can get them to act, and fast, there won’t be a Texan alive, scared or otherwise!



- Lone Star Planet

I listened to this while I was taking a road trip and I loved it. I was almost a little sad when I had to leave my car because it meant not hearing what happened next! The reader did an incredible job giving each character a voice. As a Native Texan, I was intrigued where they were going to take the story and I feel they did a great job! Almost like it could be realistic the way things are going today (well, at least the succession part)!!


- Loan Star Planet

A great interstelar diplomatic cowboy 'shoot em up' story. Mark Belson does a great job of reading, gets a little carried away with the Texan nature of the story when introducing chapters etc, but that he can be forgiven for.

Robyn Douglas

- Loan Star Planet

This story is a delightful story and wonderfully read.


- Texas and Texans

When I started reading this book I thought ok another stereo typical view of Texas. Bar-B-Ques with huge quantities of alcohol and people discharging firearms inappropriately in public places. But the authors make it clear that this was an attempt to recreate a past never existed. As a Texan I can appreciate the New Texas system of checks and balances that the authors suggest and only wish we could adopt it here on Terra!