Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, Book VI cover

Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, Book VI

Diogenes Laertius (-3rd Cent.)

1. Antisthenes
2. Diogenes Part I
3. Diogenes Part II
4. Diogenes Part III
5. Monimus, Onesicritus & Crates
6. Metrocles, Hipparchia, Menippus & Menedemus

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There are 10 divisions in this title. This project is a recording of book 6. There is a number of interesting anecdotes on the lives of Antisthenes, Diogenes of Sinope, Monimus, Onesicritus, Crates of Thebes, Metrocles, Hipparchia, Menippus and Menedemus. Their school of thought is known an Cynicism. Most of the text in this book is devoted to the anecdotes concerning Diogenes's life and sayings. Even Alexander envied his life saying that if he had not been Alexander, he should have liked to be Diogenes.