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Little Men (Version 4 Dramatic Reading)

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Little Men is the sequel to Louisa May Alcott's bestselling book Little Women. It opens as Jo March and her husband Fritz Bhaer begin a school for boys, called Plumfield. The book follows the escapades of the Plumfield boys and the children of Jo, Amy and Meg as mischief, laughter and love fill the school. - Summary by Rachel

Cast List:
Narrator: Lynette Caulkins
Nat Blake: MichelleHannah
Dan Kean: Jeanne Viray
Mrs. Jo Bhaer: Christine Lehman
Professor Fritz Bhaer: Larry Wilson
Tommy Bangs: Jasmin Salma
Emil, Bess Lawrence: MaybeCordelia
Demi Brooke: Lydia
Daisy Brooke: JayKitty76
Teddy Bhaer: Jaanu
Ned Barker: Darya
Nan Harding: cadastra
George "Stuffy" Cole: Julian Pratley
Jack Ford: Navin
Franz: TJ Burns
Rob Cole: Katharina Glowalla
Asia: KHand
Meg Brooke: MissJoy
Mr. Laurie Laurence: Minn
Silas: Alan Mapstone
Dolly Pettingill: ambsweet13
Billy Ward: rwraptor
Dick Brown, Squirrel 3: Lily
John Brooke, Squirrel 2: lorda
Mr. March: KevinS
Dr. Firth: ToddHW
Mary Ann, Cow: thestorygirl
Nursey Hummel: Carol Pelster
Gateman, Peter, Mr. Hyde, Mr. Roberts: larryhayes7
Amy Lawrence, Squirrel 1: Jenn Broda
Charlie the Horse: Ethan H

Editors: Campbell Schelp and Michele Eaton

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