LibriVox 10th Anniversary Collection cover

LibriVox 10th Anniversary Collection


1. The United States Bill of Rights: the Ten Original Amendments to the Constitution of the United States
2. Selections from 'Ten Minutes', a book of poems
3. The Ten Little Fairies
4. Psalm 10
5. One Out of Ten
6. Zehnmal bin ich seit gestern ausgegangen
7. Ten O'clock And Four O'clock
8. Ten O'clock No More
9. The Tenth Crisis
10. Ten Little Suffergets
11. Chapter 2 of 'A Girl in Ten Thousand'
12. Ten Days on the Tokaido, from 'Nine Years in Nipon'
13. A Ten-year Old Sapper from the French of F. Soulié
14. One Tenth
15. Preface of 'Ten Years in India'
16. Sonnet X
17. The Latest Decalogue
18. From 10 p.m. to 10 46' 40'' from 'All Around the Moon'
19. Die letzten Zehn
20. Ten and Eight from 'Happy Days'
21. On Powers of Ten, from Science, Vol. 35
22. Chapters 10 and 11 of 'Ten Days in a Mad-House'
23. Not Ten but Twelve! from Science, Volume 50 (Sept 1919)
24. Ten Little Injuns
25. Ten Thousand Miles Away
26. Threescore Years and Ten
27. Discours de Victor Prospert, condamné le 21 novembre à dix ans de détention
28. The Ten Lepers
29. Lexington and Bunker Hill, Chapter X of 'Ten Great Events in History'
30. Dizain de femmes
31. Mr. Whistler's Ten O'Clock
32. Chapter 1 of 'Ten Years Later'
33. Ten Hours at Blackpool from 'Paris Nights'
34. The Ten Commandments
35. Десятая заповедь
36. Ten Little Cocktails
37. Ten-Twenty-Thirty
38. Section 10 of 'Song of Myself'
39. Tramway Szene 10 Uhr Nachts Baden - Wien
40. The Strength of Ten, a Little Story of Married Life
41. Ten Years a Nun
42. Chapter 10 of 'Ten Years Among the Mail Bags'
43. Wrecked on Island Number Ten
44. Sonnet X of 'Modern Love'
45. Poem X from 'Poems', First Series
46. Retreat of the Ten Thousand
47. Zehn Mark, My Dear
48. Helaman 10, from 'The Book of Mormon'
49. Sonnets from the Portuguese: Sonnet No. 10
50. Le Dernier dizain
51. Chapter 10 of 'Ten Girls from History'
52. The Tenth of June, 1715
53. Zehn Prozent
54. Ten-Fingered Mice
55. Ten Minutes' Delay from 'Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for Boys'
56. Tsen brider sajnen mir gewesn
57. A Man Who Has Not Slept for Ten Years
58. The Road to Emmaus from 'The Death and Resurrection of Jesus: Ten Lectures for Holy Week and Easter'
59. The Miner's Ten Commandments
60. The Parable of the Ten Virgins
61. The Nine-Tenths, Part II Chapter 5
62. Dix ans après
63. Ten Years Later, from 'Jo's Boys'
64. Excerpt from 'A Ten Year War: An Account of The Battle with The Slum in New York'
65. Die zehn chinesischen Hofkleider
66. Ten Minutes' Musing
67. Pope Leo X
68. A Story of Ten Mile Gulch from 'Romance of California Life'
69. Canto 10 from Dante's Inferno (translation by H.F.Cary)
70. Zum 10. Dezember
71. Ten Years Deep
72. The Last Ten Minutes, from The American Journal of Nursing, Volume 22. (October 1921)
73. The Tenth of January from 'Men, Women, and Ghosts', part 1
74. The Tenth of January from 'Men, Women, and Ghosts', part 2
75. Dos Palabras al País, el prefacio de 'Diez meses de Misión a los Estados Unidos de Norte América como ajente confidencial de Chile'
76. Eleanor Clare's Journal for Ten Years, part 1
77. Eleanor Clare's Journal for Ten Years, part 2
78. Ten Terrible Days
79. Die Zehnte Erzählung am ersten Tag des Dekameron
80. The One in Ten
81. Excerpt from 'How to Add Ten Years to your Life and to Double Its Satisfactions'
82. Poem by the Bridge at Ten-Shin
83. Tea in Ten Minutes
84. Die zehn Zwerge der Tante Grünwasser, ein Märchen aus Portugal
85. Extract from 'The Ten Pleasures of Marriage'
86. Holy Sonnet X: Death Be Not Proud
87. Ten Years Old
88. Dizain - À mon ami Char... de Mèze
89. In Room Number Ten
90. The Ten Blowers
91. Zehn Gebote
92. Ten Thousand Men A Day
93. Ten Minutes in a Life
94. Night the Tenth from 'Ten Nights in a Bar Room'
95. The Ten Virgins from 'The Parables of the Saviour'
96. Sonnet X from 'Second April'
97. Guard No. 10
98. Longitude Ten Degrees
99. Dizain
100. Ten Nights in a Barroom

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This year is the 10th anniversary of our beloved LibriVox and to celebrate, readers have found and recorded 100 items with a connection to the number ten... ... dix... zehn... diez...dez... десять... There are short stories, poems, excerpts from books, bible readings and non-fiction articles.The items are mostly in English, but this year we have eighteen contributions in other languages: French, German, Russian, Spanish and Yiddish..