Audiobook: Letters of Oscar Wilde, Volume 2 (1890-1895)

Letters of Oscar Wilde, Volume 2 (1890-1895) cover

Letters of Oscar Wilde, Volume 2 (1890-1895)

1 - Exchange with the editor of the St James's Gazette, 26-28 June 1890 (re: criticism of The Picture of Dorian Gray)


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This second collection of the correspondence of Oscar Wilde includes letters written when the Irish playwright was at the height of his success. Wilde defends several of his works from criticism and even censorship, and writes "prose poems" to his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, that will eventually be read out in court. The letters, some of which have been excerpted or redacted, are sourced from auction catalogues, newspapers, biographies, and other texts in the public domain. For a complete collection of Wilde's letters, please see "The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde," (2000) edited by Merlin Holland and Rupert Hart-Davis. - Summary by Rob Marland

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