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Last Enemy

H. Beam Piper (1904-1964)

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An undercover Paratimer has disappeared on assignment while in an alternate time line, and it’s up to Verkan Vall of the Paratime Police to save her. To do so, he must infiltrate a universe in which assassination is an honorable profession, and reincarnation a scientific fact. Will Verkan Vall survive in a world of killers and the undead?



Short, but well read.


- Last Enemy Review

Mark Nelson knocks another great H. Beam Piper novel out of the park. Nelson's pace, pronunciation and character differentiation are spot on. I'm actually worried I won't be able to read/hear any Piper books without hearing Mark Nelson's wonderful voice. <br>H. Beam Piper's novel involving Paratime officer Verkan Vall is a fascinating weave of parallel universe politics, science and mystery. Id say if you enjoyed the TV series "Fringe" the story line that Piper weaves is for you (in a time before, parallel or evolving into Fringe, ha!!) An excellent novel for listening. Piper keeps the pace and mystery going as well as explaining and expanding his parallel dimensional worlds. Fun!